The Reason We Created KnowYourBooks


We wanted someone to tell us when we were starting out, what books were the must reads to improve yourself and to make effective changes in your life. We want to be that person for you. But also as we have done our search into this world, we have found: The amount of literature increases every day, it  just becomes more cluttered and easier to give up on finding a great book. Even on book review sites or even top 100 list, none of them focused solely on bringing content for people interested in self-improvement and gaining knowledge that they can use in practice (and of course show it off with your friends). One vital part of our mission is also to market new authors (that are focused on self-improvement and business) and give them an outlet to share their work and ideas.


We have made an Instagram page (click here to get book recommendations!) where we give daily reminders to open up your book to read a few pages and give book recommendations every other day.

This is the reason we created KnowYourBooks, a main hub for all self-improvement, educational and inspirational books, to remove all clutter from the confusing book review websites and immediately give you a sense of which book to start with. If this is your first visit and you are trying to find your way which book to start with, please begin with the first post or go to the recommendations page.

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