Mystery Book Event: “Be a Master of Your Surroundings” – Rasheeal Dixon

“Be the Master of Your Surroundings” is the essential tool in your arsenal of personal development texts. Drawing real life comparisons between some of the greatest minds who have mastered their craft, technique and undoubtedly their surroundings. Be the Master of Your Surroundings will aid you in applying the necessary courage and charm to your biggest real world scenarios.
 From politicians, to world leaders in the past, and present, to the most successful in their field. One thing they all have in common is that they mastered their domain. If your goal is to succeed in sales, or to succeed at finding the perfect significant other, or whether you simply want to take the reins and control your own destiny; you can become the Master of Your Surroundings. Remember in every moment you are presenting yourself as a sale, a pitch, or a presentation. Become memorable in any and every scenario by applying a dash of confidence. So, get ready to unlock the keys of personal development and become the true, Master of your Surroundings.” “The Goal standard of self-help”

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