“Habits That Can Make You Rich”

Ever wondered how the rich gets so rich? What habits do they have? Are there any particular things they know that we know do not? Thomas C. Corley breaks it down in a simple straightforward habits and claims that all unsuccessful people just have formed bad habits. Do not see this book as end all book, it is rather some guiding principles that can help conceptualize some of the habits people of wealth have. Similar to how naturally skinny people have certain eating habits build up over years (sometimes even from childhood). In the same context, some have to work way harder to achieve the same physique these people have “naturally”.


  • How success is achieved through habit creation
  • Which habits are needed to become more successful
  • How to live within your means
  • Things you should never do with your money
  • Why reading every day is important
  • Identifying your main purpose
  • Importance of mentor

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