“Is a Four Hour Work Week Possible?”

Ever wondered how some of your friends are traveling the world 2 weeks a month and living the life you are dreaming of? Tim Ferris gives the blueprint to make your dream come to fruition. Giving you the hard truth about how to join the New Rich. Tim is pushing the boundaries by making you realign your priorities and look at being rich in a totally different way. From discussing the difference between making $120,000 a year working 80-hour weeks to making $50,000 per month and traveling 50% of the time to wherever he wants and doing whatever he wants. It might be quite a shock to read some of the insights he throws at you, but once it sinks in, it becomes one of the most enlightening books you have ever read.


Things you will learn from this book:

  • Be more productive
  • How to set your goals
  • How to be selective with information
  • How to create a life without waiting for the retirement to come around
  • Make money while traveling or doing whatever you want
  • A different perspective on being rich
  • And much more!

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