“Five Ways to Become a Better Reader”

It takes time and dedication to become a better reader, many have different techniques and courses that they offer that can make you read better. But if you want to keep it cheap, here are some tips and tricks to become better at reading:

  1. Take it slow

As mentioned before, take your time – if you can only focus for one or two chapters, take a break and continue in 5 minutes. One technique that helped me was to read for 15 minutes, take a 5 minute break and repeat.

  1. Read aloud

Many people have found that reading aloud, let them understand it better and faster. It feels like you are teaching yourself. And the cadences you use, help to memorize the material.

  1. Feel what you are reading.

This is great in combination with reading aloud. When you are reading, make sure you really feel and understand what you are reading. If you are not reading aloud, use your inner voice to emphasize your reading, instead monotonous reading.

  1. Make notes

Take notes of what you read, but don’t just copy the text, make sure you write things down in your own words (using an analogy that you understand or using a real life example). It takes longer, but once you finish you will be more fluent.

  1. Tell a friend about the book

Explain the concepts that are present in the book to a friend. What is the book about? What are the key concepts? Why did the author write it? What did you take away from the book?

If the book is interesting for your friend as well, he or she will be asking questions as well. This is the most powerful way to become a master at the books you read (and teaching them, which is a great skill to have).


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