One Key Habit That Can Change Your Life Completely

As time goes by and the euphoric feeling of your idea fades, you find yourself in a situation where you are no longer motivated to continue on with your vision. Have you experienced the on and off feeling of motivation? Then this is an article that might help you change your perception on motivation and its use in daily activities.

Motivational content can give you a surge in energy, if solely depended on, this content will only you a momentary boost that might help you short-term, but remember that it is all about the long-term game. What is better than motivation? Discipline and habit. This is what we have been pushing at KnowYourBooks to make sure you create habits and disciplines that can benefit you in the long term. But how do you get disciplined? Here are 5 ways you can make sure you stick to your long term game:

  1. Commit yourself

It is vital that you make a promise to yourself, a promise that you can’t break, because it is one you make with yourself. Tell yourself this every day that you are committed to succeed in whatever field you are currently interested in.

  1. Create your goals and stay focused

One advice that I personally took from three books, Start With Why, Outwitting the Devil and Think and Grow Rich, is that you should create one macro goal (i.e. who, where and what do I want to be in 10-15 years?) . This might take some time, but be specific. Then make several smaller goals that you need achieve to get to that macro goal (called micro goals). Ask yourself: What do I need to do in these years to gain the position that I am looking for (think in terms of credibility, skills, habits and network)?

These micro-goals should be even more broken down into steps to achieve the micro-goals.

  1. Prioritize your daily activities

Once you have written down your goals and have an idea of what you want to do, prioritize your daily activities to adjust to your vision. Your daily activities should be in sync with what your goals are.

  1. Follow through on all your decisions

ALL your decisions should be made with the BIGGER purpose in your mind (previously mentioned as the “MACRO goal” – if a particular path you can take is not congruent to your bigger purpose then you should immediately decline. If you take a decision congruent to your purpose, ALWAYS follow through.

  1. Reward yourself for small wins

No matter how small the win, reward yourself for those small victories. It will keep you balanced. It is not about busting out 20 hour days, but it is about never giving up on your bigger purpose – the “in between” steps need to be adaptable. If one of your micro goals does not work out, it does not demotivate you, because you always have your bigger purpose in mind. Reward yourself, stay consistent and motivated.

Like mentioned before, it is not about “hustling 24/7” as many people keep chanting. It is about creating a bigger purpose (for yourself) and creating smaller goals to eventually make it possible to live that bigger purpose. In the end, it is about the long-term game. It is about creating a sustainable plan for yourself so you can enjoy the process. Want to check out all our book recommendations? Click the link below.

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