Six Key Points from “Think and Grow Rich” + How to Set Goals Effectively!

As many of you already know, Napoleon Hill has been one of the biggest names in Personal Development since his infamous book “Think and Grow Rich”. Many of the concepts introduced in this masterpiece (still considered today) are still relevant in our time, and frequently used by the most distinguished leaders at the moment. In this article we will be looking at some key points from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” with some further insights on how to use them in real life more effectively:

  1. Desire is the key to success

The entirety of Hill’s though process is based on the factor desire, without a burning desire to achieve your dream, you will never win in the long term. Motivation lasts a day or a week, but a burning desire will last a lifetime. The key to achieving a burning desire is to find out who you are and what you are good at. Too many people follow the trend and want to do something other people are doing because they are making money. Although there is a small percentage that become successful because of this, they never seem content (I have experienced this first-hand with people around me).

  1. Belief in attainment of desire

Desire in this context means your goals, you have to belief that your goal is attainable. But this has to be a true belief, such a strong belief that nobody could convince you otherwise (while still remaining objective). Sometimes you might even get ridiculed (have experienced that as well), but stay strong in your belief. I believe myself that (being in agreement with Lewis Howes in his book – “The School of Greatness”) that creating a good routine in the morning can enhance your energy and therefore your belief in your goals considerably.

  1. Repeat your desire daily

Every morning when you wake up, repeat your goals to yourself. Daymond John also does this before he goes to sleep, to firmly cement these goals in his mind and basically drive these goals into his subconscious. This changes your decision making considerably (you will become more effective), because all your decisions will be in accordance to those goals (that you repeat every single morning and night) without even directly thinking about it. Create your goals, and do not worry when you want to change something. But be as specific as possible with your goal setting.

  1. Focus on your skill set

You need practice on your skills every single day, but aside from that you have to teach yourself new skills (or let someone else teach you). You have to practice so you can be more adaptable to the environment. Once you have found out what you are good at, you can train these skills to become great or even excellent. This will put you in a position that you know what is going on in the field that you are occupying and you can learn new skills that put you in a further advantage. This is where reading, mentorship and consistent practice come into play.

  1. Accurate planning is key

Planning does not only involve only setting large goals, but being able to arrange day-to-day activities that strive towards those goals. A great method to use would be to create a macro goal (see picture below) and smaller (micro) goals and with the steps below the micro goals you will be able to create day-to-day activities. Plan your day, your week, your month, but never forget that your plans should always be subject to change and never rock solid (change is the only constant in life).


  1. Stop procrastinating and decide

Just decide, stop walking in circles waiting for the right moment to pop up so you can do what you know that you want to do. Having done that myself, this is one of the worst time wasters, and also does not make your decision making any more accurate. Once you have made your plans, jump right in and do not feel threatened by the size of your goal, focus on achieving those micro goals or micro steps so you can celebrate small wins and continue marching forward to a life that you really love.

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