Is Stress The Number One Killer of Your Dreams?

Stress is the number one thing that can kill off your motivation before you even put a dent into your goals. As many times as this has been said, I would like to repeat that patience and time are the things that are the key to anyone’s success (considering you continue to develop your value proposition). Stress can be demotivating and make you impatient, especially when growth is slow or not as expected. These tips have helped me protect myself from the killer called “stress”.

  1. Take a break from the stress

Sometimes all you need is a break to reevaluate your situation and put your workload/expectation into perspective. You know how many people there are that go through all of their never-ending workload without getting stressed, tired and/or demotivated? Exactly zero. We are all human and we all have these type of feelings, but it is how you handle these feelings that will determine the outcome of your situation.

  1. Exercise

Maintain your body when you are going through stressful periods, make sure you take up some form of physical activity to re-energize yourself and get the benefits of a fit body. Especially if you are continuously busy, it is hard to maintain healthy eating habits, but one thing is for sure you can put some time aside every day to make sure you exercise (if you are telling yourself you have no time, check our last Instagram post on how to be more productive). Personally, weightlifting and boxing keeps me refreshed and also helps to stay balanced. Don’t worry if you take some days off, make sure you go at least 3-4 days a week.

  1. Smile and laugh

This may seem like a silly tip, but make sure you keep things light and always be able to laugh about your situation. Arnold Schwarzenegger in his podcast with Tim Ferris said every time there was a very stressful situation with his team, he would make jokes to make it easier for people to deal with the situation. This way people feel more comfortable instead of being under pressure. Smiling and laughing will also help yourself feel more relaxed (try to check out a comedian that you like and lighten up!).

  1. Get social support

You are who you are around. Surround yourself with positive people whenever you feel stressed and see yourself become more comfortable and relaxed. It takes the edge of  the situation. Imagine yourself going into a room full of people that are smiling and laughing. Are you able to make keep a sad face in this case? Probably not. Surround yourself with positivity and see yourself become positive. As Lao Tzu said: “You become what you think.”

  1. Meditate

I have been trying this ever since I read “Tools of Titans” (implementing this after each of my workouts). This really helped become more relaxed and balanced. It puts things in perspective and can organize your mind more effectively. Russell Simmons also advocates meditating daily, but advises not to try to clear your mind immediately, just let each thought go through. Only people who have been meditating for a while are able to really clear their mind effectively through meditation according to him. This has helped me not to quit on meditating immediately because when I started I got distracted by every single thing.

Change your perspective on stress, it is an indication that you should take a step back and re-evaluate or step right in. It is not an indication to stop everything you are doing and contemplate on everything that could go wrong (don’t freeze when you get caught in the headlights!). If you have any questions on this topic, please send us a DM on Instagram so we can have a chat!

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